Who am I?

My lips drip with words sweeter than honey
The things I say make you feel encouraged and important
I can minipulate any emotion until I fill you with hope that you think was created by God.
I make you feel so wonderful and because of that you will not see the evil in me.
You are blinded by lust so your other senses consume you and take control.
My voice is smoother than oil.
The way I talk to you is stimulating.
The sound of my breath arouses your sense of touch.
My feminine aroma draws you near me.
I am a master manipulator
So I make you feel like it is a precious gift to be able to adventure my body
Because you are so special to me…
With the honey from my lips, I trap you in a passionate kiss where you get stuck like a fly would.
Your sense of taste is permanently contaminated with my presence
I Love You.
Because of your blindness you are unable to see the light inside yourself slowly burning out.
Because you are blind, I will guide you.
Down the path of evil, but you can’t see.
My ways are crooked and because you have entrusted me to be with you I led you astray.
My darkness engulfs your light and we both fade into blackness.
Since our world will now look the same I share with you my sight.
Now you see what I see.
While you were blind, I filled you with lies.
I molded myself into you so you won’t recognize who you are.
I used my gifts for evil, by capturing you with desire in order to take your light away.
I am drawn to your light like a moth and I want nothing but destruction
I mocked your senses with my addicting embrace.
Now that I have taken your light…
I will leave you in the dark.
The honey I trapped you with is poisoned with bitterness
A taste that can not easily be washed away.
My touch is replaced by thoughts that plunge through your heart like a sword.
You do not realize how close you are to your grave.
You have become me.
And I disgust you.
Proverbs 5:3 warns against me,
I am a predator hunting your soul
…Guard it

*I wrote this in 2014 while in the development of my relationship with God. I had been spending a lot of time reading the word and journaling, trying to piece together my interpretation of what the Bible says. In my devotion, I felt a strong inspiration about the description of the adulterous woman in Proverbs 5:3. These words flew through my mind and I knew I needed to write them down. This applies to both men and women. While it is a description of a woman, it is clear that deception is the theme. The understanding of this is helpful to me when I practice discernment and my intent for sharing it is that it may provide clarity and conviction to anyone who may read. I would love to go deeper into this with whoever has any questions or comments. Please feel free to send me an email so we can discuss!



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