Things I learned while I was 21 (Told with gifs from The Office)

A few weeks ago I turned 22. I went through a lot at age 21 and wanted to share a few things that I learned in the past year. Some things serious, some a little more light hearted. Enjoy!

1- Becoming healthy and fit takes a lot of dedication and patience


2- Selflessness is the key to a successful relationship


3- Eating ice cream still makes me very happy


4- When it comes to school, putting in effort pays off in the end


5- Everyone is faking it until they make it. Everyone.


6- Sending out good vibes, brings good vibes back to you.


7- Being ignorant and uninformed is a very detrimental quality


8- Taking naps= happiness


9- Laughing cures your worst days


10- Never go to bed without your pet by your side


What have you learned in the past year that you want to share with others? Please comment below!


16 thoughts on “Things I learned while I was 21 (Told with gifs from The Office)

  1. Lol! Awesome! Just wait until you’re 30.. becoming fit and healthy takes an even more astounding amount of work.. so enjoy those delicious foods while you are young and can burn it off still! lol! I wish I was, but I’m not joking… :C Love the GIFs! 😀


  2. Loved the laughing on hard days and the ice cream one. I just tweeted something very similar about ice cream this week!


  3. Is it weird that I remember which episode every gif came from? HAHAHA love your post! A great read to start the day! I feel like I’ve been going through a lot since last year (I’m turning 22 this year), and I hope it’ll get better for us since we’re feeling 22.. (Okay I tried) haha looking forward to more of your posts, Maddy!


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