Why is it so hard?: Part 1, April 15

In high school and college, I was in the best shape of my life. I worked out regularly, participated in sports and activities, and I really valued my level of fitness. After college, I faced a lot of changes such as; moving out of state, not having a free gym membership, and working full time in a mentally challenging environment. I’m sure a lot of you can relate to circumstances similar to my own.

From the perspective of a physically and mentally healthy person, I could see these reasons being excuses to not go to the gym and keep up with staying in shape, and the old me realizes that…so why am I aware of these excuses and not making changes in my life to fix it?

After some evaluation, I realized that the excuses were just a mask to cover up what was really going on inside my head…….SHAME! I’m telling you, this is why it’s so hard to go back to the gym when you used to be fit…facing the shame is unbearable! I’m ashamed that I let myself fall out of my routine and lose sight of my values. I’m ashamed that I’ve made so many excuses for myself, and I’m ashamed that I haven’t done anything to fix it.

Why is this feeling so paralyzing? Perhaps it’s not something I’m used to feeling and I don’t know how to handle it. I’m not a psychologist, but I can at least make a connection between self-esteem and personal failure. I live in a society surrounded by standards of health, fitness, and attractiveness, most of which seem to be unattainable for the average human being, so of course I’m feeling low about reaching my’s only human.

I could go on a loooooooong rant about this topic and discuss all the healthy and unhealthy thoughts and actions associated with this reality…and I will! At some point in my next posts… But until then I want to leave you with this realization that the reason it may be so hard to go back to the gym, is because you may be experiencing shame. I have a lot more to say, and I have some tips that may help you feel ready to commit to your healthy fitness lifestyle, they have helped me and I will be sharing in my next post! Stay tuned!



7 thoughts on “Why is it so hard?: Part 1, April 15

  1. I have several chronic illnesses and am in menopause so i wouldn’t ever go to the gym, but I do try to exercise at home on my treadmill. It’s harder now to lose weight after meno so I”m really frustrated. My dh is the same age and he is losing 1.5lbs a day just eating less with no exercise or dieting. I’m doing my best and I’m gaining.


  2. This is actually true for me also. I used to be physically fit in high school and usually did long distant running however even going to a little jog seems hard for me right now. I don’t have the motivation anymore and there is always a thought in my head telling me if this is worth the time. Great post, thanks for sharing!


  3. Thanks for sharing! I am going through my own mental hurdle to workout. I just feel so out of sort and can’t bring myself to even lift a dumbbell haha. This is a really honest and excellent post! I look forward to reading Part II.


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